Friday, September 09, 2005

I've fallen prey to the baby gear industry

Wednesday, Baby was a real angel and took all her naps when she was supposed, for as long as she was supposed to. I was able to catch up on sleep, blog and clean the kitchen floor (for the first time since before Baby's birth - that's at least 4 weeks).

But yesterday was the karmic payback day. Between 7am and 3pm she just would not sleep at all. She wouldn't even lie on the floor and entertain herself. I thought that if I had her in a sling or frontpack, then I could keep Baby happy and go about my business at the same time; on our afternoon buggy ride, I went straight to the nearest baby gear shop and bought a little front pack.

$45 poorer, I tried it on and put Baby in it as soon as we got home.

She hated it.


Nigel Patel said...

I've heard that if a small child doesn't like a thing, they sometimes might like the box the thing came in.

Make Tea Not War said...

What a shame. You could have had the front pack thing we purchased. It was only used once...maybe twice.

The Skirt said...

When babies don't like something, is it because they aren't used to it yet?

Wicked said...

Still... I think they should have a try before you buy option.. that way you can stick Baby in it and if she hates it, you don't buy it.

cesca said...

Yeah, my kids didn't like the front pack either. Mind you, neither did I! It felt so damned precarious.

Nyx said...

Ditto on the front pack thing. My kids used to fall asleep during feeding and then I would usually lay them down on their sheepskin rug on the lounge floor and just potter around, not quietly either.

They got used to sleeping through a bit of noise but they also got into a pattern of distinction between daytime naps and bedtime sleep.

Day = lounge floor, light, noise, lots of small naps.
Night = bassinet, dark, quiet, one long sleep throughout.

It worked for us, good luck.
btw, Have I said Cute Baby yet? 'Cause she is.

portuguesa nova said...

Ha!! Laughing at nigel's comment. Well, there's always ebay.

Violet said...

Nigel: nice try Nige, but the box is way to small to put a baby in ;-)

mtnw: I should have asked around a bit more (I only asked the sister out-law), but was too impatient. I just assumed all babies liked 'em!

the skirt: That's what I'm hoping. Otherwise there's always trademe or one of those bring and buy fairs eh?

wicked: They may have even let me try this one one if only I'd asked. Geez, one of the few times I go all spontaneous, and it blows up in my face...

cesca: but the picture on the box was so convincing; the grownup wearing it was smiling and the baby wasn't screaming her head off...

llcoffee: that's what I've been doing, but it means I have to pick her up and move her every time I go to a different room. Yeah, she is cute isn't she? She'll get away with lots when she's older.

portuguesa: I'll also want to get rid of the baby bath seat too.