Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It's no simple matter trying to figure out how to get Baby to stay asleep, and it seems to be greatly influenced by where we put her down for her nap. For the first couple of weeks, she eschewed her cot in favour of her sprung hammock; now she resists being left in the hammock, possibly because she's resisting sleep itself.

For now, the best place to put Baby for her naps is this cushion. I use this cushion when I'm feeding her, and often she'll fall asleep there after half an hour filling her little stomach. Perhaps it isn't a good thing to encourage this, since it means that she now has two things associating sleep with food - the food itself, and the breastfeeding cushion. However, the only time I get to do anything is when Baby is sleeping, so at this stage anything that encourages her to snooze is okay with me (except alcohol I suppose).


onscreen said...

So what's wrong with giving a baby alcohol?

(I guess only a dad would ask that....!)

The Editter said...

you'll be in trouble when she outgrows the cushion!

Jon said...

Yeah, my dad saved the tiniest, tiniest amount of beer in the bottom of the bottle or can and gave it to me, though I was more like 2 instead of a newborn. I kept asking for it, and it became a ritual. Just think, your daughter could be as normal as me! Are you laughing or cringing?

Anyway, these days, I think social services would intervene if you gave her the tiniest amount of beer. People need to loosen up

Violet said...

onscreen: because she's too young to have a beer belly!

editter: no worries; by then she'll have moved on to a different favourite place to sleep.

jon: so did you like it? I remember trying a tiny amount of premixed vodka and orange when I was a kid, and was disappointed that it didn't taste as fruity as it smelled.