Friday, May 06, 2005

unreality tv

We've been watching Lost religiously, and even though I wonder whether the series will ever resolve all those peculiar and unexplainable events which seem to happen on the island, I still find it compelling to watch.

Now, I know it's a fantasy - after all there're monsters in that show, as well as paraplegics who can suddenly get up and walk and drug addicts who can go cold turkey within the space of a couple of episodes - so I don't know quite why I was so surprised to see...

Claire, the heavily pregnant woman, sleeping on her back.

Oooh, that's such a no-no. Obviously the actress isn't really pregnant or else we'd be hearing her moan a lot more when she's moving around. She's also be trying to sleep on her side, and maybe not succeeding. Also - though maybe this is because she's quite a bit younger than myself - she walks and runs like a normal person i.e. without waddling or feeling the need to hold up her large belly away from her bladder.

That's tv for you.


EB said...

Indeed. A pregnant Demi Moore did cartwheels on the David Letterman show.

Anonymous said...

Lol! That's what I like to call a "loophole".

glomgold said...

If no sleeping on your back, nor on your side, that leaves only the... stomach?

Violet said...

EB: But Demi Moore really was pregnant though, wasn't she? Amazing.

charlie: kinda like movies and tv shows where 10yr-old computer geeks miracuously hack into high-security systems to save the day - brings to mind Jurassic Park, where the girl says "Unix! I know that!". And every computer programmer in the cinema groans.

glomgold: you can't sleep on your back because the weight of the womb prevents blood flow to your head, and you can't sleep on your stomach 'cos then you squash the baby. You can sleep on your side, but generally sleeping at all is hard because you have this large, heavy bump sticking out of you.