Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The once-fashionable body pillow

It's been recommended to me by some of you commenters that I try sleeping with a body pillow at night, to help fix my frequent insomnia. I still haven't quite figured out how it's supposed to work, but I want one anyway (despite the boy's assertion that he is a perfectly adequate body pillow for me).

Well, the little buggers are proving hard to come by.

In the weekend we tried three different bedware shops in town - none sold them, although they all used to. Apparently they were all the rage just a year or two ago. By the time I'd been disappointed that many times, my bump had started to complain so we went home.

I rang a few places. Bedpost has two shops - the more distant one definitely has them, the nearer one possibly has them. I did a little dance of triumph and resolved to drive over to the nearer shop.

The man at Bedpost shook his head and told me they used to have them, but not any more. But he did promise to get one for me overnight.

The other positive thing to come out of my unsuccessful trip into town was that I didn't have to come home empty-handed. Just a couple of doors down is a French bakery, its display case crammed full of highly edible goodies with unpronouncable (unless you can speak French) names.

Far from having made a completely wasted journey, I returned with booty - a large, round, almond-topped, vanilla cream-stuffed eclair - almost the size of a pillow.


Make Tea Not War said...

I got mine at Moore Wilsons- an unlikely shop for bedding but there you go.

Violet said...

That was the first place we looked, actually. Happily, Bedpost's pillow is still less than $30. I just don't know what it looks like - whether it's a cylindrical thing or a j-shaped thing or a giant rectangular pillow that takes up half the bed.

Wicked said...

Have you figured out how to use the body pillow yet? (I know you haven't got it yet, but just so you're prepared) Lie it parallel to you in bed, then flop on it in the recovery position. I used one in both my pregnancies and it was a lifesaver.
Until it gets there, you can use the same position on your man's leg. And no, I'm not being dodgy.

Violet said...

Hmmm that would work if he were lying on his back, in which case I'd be in a position to pinch his nose every time he starts snoring.

I saw some pictures of body pillows and how they were used, on the Internet. Trouble is, there are several different models and I don't know which one mine's gonna be. Roll on Saturday morning...