Sunday, May 29, 2005

Getting prepped

Thirty weeks and a bit, and it definitely feels closer to the big day. The belly seems to have undergone another growth spurth, resulting in my constant feeling of squashed-up-ness.

I knew from the diagrams that, as the uterus gets bigger to accomodate the growing baby, your lungs, intestines, stomach - just about everything else - is displaced into the ever-decreasing available body space. I just didn't realise quite how uncomfortable it was going to make me.

My mum's getting psyched too. She's been less and less demanding of me for weeks now; mum's advised me to get the boy to hang out the washing for me because our clothesline is up several steps, and even offered to stump up the cash for taxi fares so I can get to work in greater comfort (although I'll keep bussing and walking for as long as possible, just for the exercise).

We had another look at the baby gear shops and once again left without buying anything, only this time at least we have a list of the big-ticket items we'll get when the boy gets around to actually buying anything:

1) one of those vibrating baby chairs, as seen on Sex and the City (not one of Samamtha's sex toys, Miranda has one for her son)

2) a car seat of some sort for 6 months and over - we'll probably rent an infant-sized one from the Plunket Society

3) a portable cot which comes with 2 mattress layers (the higher one for newborn and the lower one for over 6 months) and a nappy change platform

4) several punk t-shirts, 'cos the boy just won't be able to resist

5) a buggy which can accomodate both infant-size and older

We went to a kiddie-gear fair today, a fundraiser for a local playcentre. I was disappointed that most of the stuff was clothing (although there were three buggies for sale), because I was hoping to know, gear. Still, I managed to spend over one hundred bucks on used clothing and a couple of new fleece blankets. Everything was just so cute that it was hard not to buy stuff.


flying kiwi said...

I saw that SATC episode - at least if the chair quits vibrating you know what to do.

And I can only imagine how easy it would be to spend loads of money on baby. My godson's mother had like 10 pairs of shoes lined up for her new baby before he was even born.

Questions: when is baby due? and would baby like a hippie tie dyed San Francisco onesie (yes, I've seen 'em)?

Violet said...

I'm staying right away from shoes for the next few months - clothes too because irts too easy to get attracted to stuff which will take months to grow into.

Baby's due in early August, and may well like the hippie look (how appropriate for San Francisco)- but it may offend baby's daddy, who is an ex-punk.

onanymous said...

The one thing that my sister was the most grateful for in the first few months of my niece's life, was one of those big, plastic exercise balls.

At one stage, bouncing up and down on the ball with her was the only way she would go to sleep.

And it is very good exercise too :)

EB said...

It looks like you are making good progress on prepping for the baby. If the hiring doesn't work out we have an infant car seat Evenflo Discovery available for you to borrow if you want to.

We bought a Safe-n-Sound Royale when baby was nearly 1, turns out that I could have used it for when he was a newborn. However, since we don't have a car, using a portable infant seat was easier. He sure got heavy quickly though and wished I had rented the trolley to go with it or had biceps like Popeye.

Oh and there are expiry dates for car seats too. According to Land Transport and Safety central position in the backseat is best but I don't think it is done in practice.

My midwife cautioned me against getting a 3 wheeler because she reckoned that they can tip over, so I got a 4 wheeler Peg Perego which is mostly okay, just sometimes my steering goes wonky. My friend's mountain buggy 3 wheel type can be steered one handed which is very handy for opening doors. I saw one fancy pram which had lots of storage space because the carrier part was high enough that the baby was above table height. The mother was tall and so was the price - about a grand.

So I'm the one with a buggy which can fold up into a car but don't have a car and the rest do have cars but can't put their buggies in.

Violet said...

onanymous: I can just imagine that our living room is going to become one big toyroom for baby. Why not get a Swiss Ball? It can double as seating, after all

eb: thanks for you feedback on the strollers and car seats. I bet your biceps are much bigger than they were, just from carrying junior around. A thousand bucks does sound pretty steep for a buggy - perhaps it's designed for Everest-like terrain.