Saturday, July 07, 2012

Paua and ginger

 Of course, this top (which I just finished knitting) would look great on someone with model-like proportions; on me it probably only looks warm and colourful.

But I really enjoyed making this and it's very comfy and if I can just pretend that I've got a narrow waist then it will all be fine.
It's got cables at front and back, and the edgings are in twisted rib.

The gory details are on Ravelry.


Anonymous said...

Fancy! love the colours.

Violet said...

I particularly like the blue, which is shot through with bits of green (which you can't really see from the photos) - hence the paua in the title.

Antoinette said...

Still amazed at people who can knit clothing. Nice cable!

Violet said...

Antoinette: - thanks. And I'm amazed at people who can run a household, hold down a full time job, and design and sew cool outfits.