Saturday, July 21, 2012

a couple of finished projects

Possible too late now, I "finished" this cardigan. I say finished because it's got all it's bits and pieces knitted an assembled. But it isn't really finished because the front edge curls back unatractively when done up. so I will need to work on it to fix that.

This cat turned up much more successfully (although that might be just because it's so slim). It's got lots of flaws, most of which TLM has already pointed out. Like, the ears are too big, the tail seam is really obviously and has already come unstuck from the side of the body, and one arm is more muscular than the other.


Anonymous said...

Oh but that's all part of his charm! Tell TLM that's what makes him a special/one of a kind! No one else will have a toy with one slightly less muscular arm!

Violet said...

totally! he's a leftie like TLM and me, and we all know that results in a bigger left arm.

Nigel Patel said...

Awesome kitty!