Saturday, July 14, 2012

Censorship madness at The Warehouse

The highlight of many of our weekends is a visit to The Warehouse (yes, we are lame). We all check out the DVDs, the boy checks out the computer games, TLM checks out the toys, and I keep up with the Rachel Hunter Collection.

This time around we selected some DVDs to buy - Disney's Fantasia 2000 and a Star Wars Clone Wars collection for TLM, and Hot Fuzz on Blue Ray for the boy.

But when we got to the counter, the sales clerk explained that sorry, he could not sell us the Hot Fuzz DVD because it's PG13 and we were clearly accompanied by a person aged under 13 years.
I replied that we had no intention of letting TLM watch this DVD - she had two new ones of her own. But the sales clerk said no.
"Okay, I'll leave her around the corner and come back alone", I offered. But he still would not be allowed to sell the DVD to boy and me, because he'd seen TLM with his own eyes.

So we walked away with only the kids' DVDs.



Anonymous said...

Good lord! Ah I love it when 'people' choose to interpret regulations. Although that's one of the stranger cases I"ve heard of. I guess if you follow the logic of that one even further no one with children would be able to rent DVDs over G rating either... or buy 50 Shades of Grey...

Could you have perhaps asked the sales person to check that with their manager or something? How annoying cause Hot Fuzz is so excellent. Not sure what Blu Ray would add to a viewing tho..

Anonymous said...

OMG. So... can I not buy a bottle of wine at the supermarket because I'm accompanied by an under 21?? You should have complained to management.

Violet said...

kiwiyarns: yeah well, I wouldn't be surprised if the same policy applied to x-rated literature too. The boy is simply a tech-nerd, that's why he likes it in Blu Ray.

Donnasoowho: we couldn't be bothered complaining. The poor guy already looked embarrassed about it.