Monday, July 09, 2012

Being blobby

I've taken a week off, for the second week of the school holidays. I had a list of fun things that we were going to do together:
  • visit the observatory on open night and look through the giant telescope
  • make crystals
  • Go see Brave
  • hang
Since the weekend, we've really only managed the last one.
This is due to a combination of TLM catching yet another bug, and TLM staying up all night to read instead of going to sleep like a good girl. And it probably doesn't help that I've been a bit insomniac myself recently.

The observatory open night is tomorrow - hopefully the sky will not be completely overcast as it has been lately, otherwise we'll only get to see cloud.

The chrystal-making will depend on whether I can get hold of any copper sulphate, sodium carbonate or borax. I still remember making copper sulphate chrystals at school and how pretty they were.

As for going to see Brave, TLM already went to see that last week during her school holiday programme. Still, she could go see it a second time and not be as scared during it.

Just hanging is pretty cool though.


Amanda said...

The week is far from over yet! There's still lots of time for activities.

Violet said...

this is very true. I must have a case of TLM's moodiness!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an action-packed agenda. Hope everyone perks up! I was contemplating brave which is showing at the "parents" movie session tomorrow but I read a description of the plot and it seemed more confusing than Ikea furniture assembly instructions.... So wasn't sure it was much good??

Violet said...

donnasoowho: it started out fairly busy, with lots of playdates. But since Wednesday TLM has been coughing lots and doing what the boy refers to as "poorly poos", which has slowed us right down. I haven't read any reviews of Brave yet. One thing that puts me off is that it's on the Scottish bandwagon (they're the new Irish, y'know).