Saturday, November 13, 2010

A working man Part II

It's been maybe three weeks since the boy started his new job. He seems to be enjoying the challenge of doing something almost-but-not-really like what he used to do i.e. project managing the update of state schools' computer networks rather than managing a team of super-geeks in a super geeky IT shop.

TLM is enjoying going to after school care three times a week. To her, it's just like the good ole days at daycare when all she had to do was play.

And even though I stressed horribly about asking my boss to let me leave work early to pick up TLM from school on the other two days per week, and even though I hate having to work at home to make up for leaving the office early - I do enjoy having that extra time with TLM.  She is reading on her own (sometimes - other times she just makes up new stories), inventing crazy dances and teaching herself yoga from a children's DVD.

The one thing we haven't been able to enjoy is the extra income. The boy only gets paid after a big slab of work is completed and it's quite possible he won't expect anything incoming for a few more weeks. Which is hard on our already-meagre finances, because our expenses have suddenly shot up (mainly petrol and TLM's after school care).

Though the boy had a quiet chat with his boss yesterday and it looks like we can afford to have a reasonably fun Christmas after all. Which means I won't have to give hand-knitted acrylic blue face cloths to the rellies for Christmas presents.


A said...

Really glad the boy has gainful employment again and you have a fun Xmas to look forward to.

The daughter of the house loves going to after school care. Her first year at school we both worked part time so she wouldn't have to- but she begged to go so now she goes 3 days a week and she is really thrilled that from next year she's going every day

Violet said...

Yeah I was really surprised that TLM likes it so much. I just tell her she can't go every day 'cos we can't afford it - rather than because I want us to be able to spend time with her during the week!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good?

Violet said...

donnasoowho: yeah sounds good - but I won't start putting stuff on the credit card until I see those big numbers on his bank statement!