Thursday, April 29, 2010

Need shopping advice? Listen to Auntie Violet

If your body shape is an apple (I prefer to call it a wide-waisted hourglass), you can buy skinny jeans to fit your waist (rather than your hips) and the end result is a very nice pair of straight jeans!

It is utterly possible that you can pay $30 for a lovely tween skirt suit from an op-shop and spend another $25 getting it dry-cleaned, only to find that the fabric is the fibre-equivalent of rabid fleas. If the itch weren't enough, you might still find a previously unnoticed tear on the back of the jacket, which is somewhere you'll normally never see a leather patch.

You can spend big bucks on a pair of low-heeled, well cushioned and super-supportive black shoes which a) go nicely with your black tights and skirts, and b) will be perfect for those 50-min walks home from work - and then realise  they look EXACTLY like school shoes.

The big advantage of shopping where the customer service is terrible, is that you won't fee any obligation whatsoever to buy something from there.


Tiki said...

Is your apple the same as my hourglass with a muffin centre?

Violet said...

I think they're twins!

Anonymous said...

I heard those tween skirts are real itchy - I'll stay away from them!! I like all the new seasons boots... they're so cute! But I shall not be buying any (unless they're maternity boots - or maybe boots from KFC...).

Angela said...

I need a shopping buddy I wish you could come and make up my closet for me

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I won't be buying any tween skirts, as obviously I'm far to old for tween gear;-). I didn't know KFC sold boots - are they made from chicken hide?

Angela: yeah that would be fun, as long as you don't mind being put into a tween skirt or two!