Thursday, April 22, 2010

black out

I'm currently labouring on a task which is both boring and requiring a high degree of attention - the worst of both worlds, really. So when my computer sputtered and went dark this afternoon, I was only a teensy bit annoyed.  Sometimes enforced breaks are all the breaks you get.

We figured that the power outage must be limited to our block, but the boy rang up and said it was out at home too. Apparently he'd just missed out on getting his vital beer lifeline, as the lights went out just as he pulled up at Pak'n'Save. Apparently alarms were going off, traffic was all over the place and rioting was surely imminent.

I wondered where our civil defense kit was, because it would've been handy to listen out for updates.

But after half an hour my colleague gave me permission to go home (not that he had any power to say yea or nay).

And by the time I was home the power came back.


Amanda said...

Glad you survived! Trains and traffic were a bit mad getting home but the power was on when I got home too.

Violet said...

yeah it was easy, though at one crossing there was a ton of traffic and no policeman so I had to wait for a senior citizen to step off the footpath first!

Tiki said...

Power outages I know are a pain for businesses but I kinda like them. When they go on for days though, not so fun. You got an afternoon off though which must have been nice.

Violet said...

Tiki: it wasn't so much an afternoon as an hour. And I didn't go home until after the first half hour. Still, it was an unexpected break and an excuse to chat to my workmates!