Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finding gods

We've been watching a TV series called John Safran vs God. It's really quite interesting. Safran's an amusing Aussie who, in this series, explores a wide variety of religions around the world.

Although he's funny, he doesn't mock the faiths (okay maybe a little, but only occasionally). He's (mostly) genuinely curious and open-minded, whether he's trying to find enlightenment in a Buddhist monastery, participating in a Voodoo ceremoney or being smeared with chicken blood in an African magic ritual (to undo a curse on Australia's soccer team).

So, really, this show would be more accurately titled John Safran looks for God.

The last episode was really quite freaky. Safran decides that all his toe-dipping into the religious pools around the world may have left him vulnerable to demon posession and visits an exorcist. The freaky thing is that, in the exorcist's hands, Safran really does behave like there's something bad and weird in there somewhere. Even his camera crew admit they've never seen him act like that before. It certainly didn't look like an act to me. The whole thing ends with Safran, who is Jewish, giving into the exorcist's pressure to become Christian, as "the next step" in his cure.

Unfortunately, there's no debriefing afterwards - so we're left with no idea as to what Safran remembered of the experience later, or whether he regrets giving up his Jewishness.


Anonymous said...

oh people keep telling me about Safran but I suspect he's on a channel that I never watch. Actually we talked about him at bookclub the other night where apparently he steals some ladies knickers and makes out with his friends mum.

Charlie Anonymous said...

Wow. Fascinating.
I will have to look this guy up.
Maybe he could team up with Morgan Spurlock. The guy who tries out different lifestyles for 30 days each and did the movie "Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden".

Antoinette said...

How cool is that? I will look for this on YouTube. I'm so much more interested in people searching for things than people who think they know everything.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: what, he did that at bookclub?!

nigel: I didn't know about Spurlock trying out 30 lifestyles in 30 days - was that made into a movie too?

Antoinette: yeah I'd recommend watching him. The episodes are teasingly short, but very interesting and highly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

No. I was at bookclub. And we talked about him. :-)

Charlie Anonymous said...

No, he does something, like being Amish for a month, then something else for another month.
It was a TV show called "30 Days".

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I figured. I was just jestin'.

nigel: sounds worth a look.