Thursday, November 27, 2008

Notes from Unemployment Land

It's been two weeks since my last contract ended (not counting the 2 days' work I found at the end of last week), and the novelty of having all this free time is finally wearing thin (missing the income has something to do with it). TLM is still attending daycare on her usual days, but I pick her up earlier.

That extra mummy-and-daughter time at the end of the day has not been filled with fun activities, as I'd expected. I'm finding that even by 3pm, TLM just wants to relax with a Dora DVD or - if she's feeling energetic - smear acrylic paints all over the furniture. But the shorter daycare days will be cheaper so hopefully I won't be under financial pressure to get work.

My days have not been completely idle. This morning I washed down the front porch, which I've decided has been specially designed to catch and store as much dirt as possible. Yesterday I baked a batch of muesli bars for TLM's lunchbox. On Tuesday I hemmed up a pair of work trousers which I bought last year, before realising that they look rubbish on me. And on Monday I turned the bedroom rug around so that the non-worn-down end is now where we actually put our feet. That last one was actually hard work, because there were half a dozen pieces of furniture keeping the rug in place.

I've also been looking around for permanent jobs, but the interesting-sounding ones are all full-time.

Tarrah for now, I think I'll go for a walk in the hills.


Nigel Patel said...

But you do have a job. Looking for work is work in itself.
Sometimes it's even arduous. Sadly there's no check from looking for work.
Enjoy those walks in the hills.

Violet said...

You're right, in theory. But at this time of year there's not much activity in the job ads. See my next post for a photo from "the hills".

Make Tea Not War said...

Hang in there! I agree it's not a good time to be looking, unfortunately:( I'd slightly be tempted to just relax & wait till after the great kiwi shutdown, if it were me.

Violet said...

mtnw: yeah I should. Would be nice not to have to watch the pennies until after we've bought the Chrissy prezzies and been on holiday though :-(

Angela said...

Hope you find what your looking for.

Well that will give you time to enjoy Dora too.

PBS said...

Enjoy your time off, even though now isn't a great time to be off work! I'm looking for a FT job, too and it IS a lot of working, looking for a job. Good luck to you! I'm sure you will find something good.

Violet said...

pbs: it's also a good time to be not working, because over here it's summer! Good luck to you too :-)