Wednesday, November 05, 2008

List for Wednesday

Favourite TV show right now: 30 Rock (although Liz Lemon dresses far too well to be a date-challenged geek). It's so funny, the boy takes notes so he can quote the best lines at work the next day.

Most recent proof that I have truly emerged from 3 years of self-imposed sartorial repression, and am making the hell up for it: a pair of cherry-red patent leather round-y toed mid-heel pumps. And I haven't even started wearing the bronze sandals I bought last month (mostly because my toes would freeze off if I did).

The Little Madam's cutest feature right now: that she will raid her dress-up basket and emerge dressed as a fairy princess pirate baby jaguar. (And speaking of TLM, we had her measured today by the Plunket nurse. She is now a wopping 15.1 kg and 95 cm tall. Perfect.)

The least-funny thing that made the boy and I laugh like a pair of tiddly hyenas: when I told him that the-woman-who-hates-me had to go home sick yesterday, and added how sorry I was about it.

The annoying thing that happens almost every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: my mum ringing me just as I'm trying to get TLM through her naptime routine. And I do tell her to ring at a different time. Every time.

The last thing on my mind: who the heck I'm going to vote for at the general election this Saturday.


donnasoowho said...

So that's how boys know so many quotes out of movies and stuff... Ray drives me mad constantly quoting out of Arrested Development. My quoting doesn't extend much past Zoolander.

Nigel Patel said...

It's because we tend to watch the same movies repeatedly.
Which is probably why cable is so prone to repeats.

PBS said...

Cool shoes! Bet the fairy princess pirate jaguar is so cute.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: yeah but it's hard to beat Zoolander for quotes :-) I hear the word "yoogoogally" all the time.

nigel: I tend not to do that. Funnily enough, Zoolander is the only movie I don't mind watching repeatedly.

pbs: yeah I should post a photo of 'em. They looked great on my feet today. Too bad my toes ended up covered in plasters...

donnasoowho said...

oh you need to do my wet sock trick. When I buy new shoes I always get blisters for ages, so I put a pair of damp socks on and wear them in the shoes for about half an hour. Always works a treat!!

Nigel I've watched Zoolander about 278934829 times and I'm still always get 'one upped' by some boy if we start doing Zoolander quotes. It's quite depressing.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I'm guessing you don't mean I should wear wet socks in my shoes while I'm at work, eh?

Angela said...

I am sure glad the election is done here in the US.

Good luck decideing