Friday, November 14, 2008

I shopped. I dropped.

Be warned - a proliferation of brackets follows...

I made the not-entirely-rational (seeing as I am now between contracts) decision to spend the last two days shopping. Yesterday was a helluva busy day; I literally shopped from about 9.30am until 3.45pm, with a short lunch break and a chat-with-friend break. Today, I forced myself to return home after finding a couple of fitted t-shirts that actually fit.

My other spoils include:
  • a navy cotton hooded cardigan (not the short, shaped jacket I was looking for, but it will do nicely in the meantime) from the up-market store, Kirkaldies
  • an ink-blue ankle-length skirt with white trim (having decided that spending the whole summer in long trousers for the sake of simultaneously obeying the What Not to Wear rules, and fulfilling my need to keep my legs well covered, would be slightly masochistic), also from Kirkaldies
  • a pair of straight-legged summer weight jeans, from Max (because even though there was a designer-wear sale on, I just couldn't bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars on a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, even at discount).
Now that I have some decent-quality clothing to wear to my next contract/interview, there's a good chance that this current obsession with fashion goes the same way as my past obsessions (with travel, karate, painting, being a librarian, and creative writing, respectively) have gone i.e. away (though hopefully the writing and painting will find a way back into that particular portion of my brain).


Angela said...

Glad you found some things you liked.
I have never been a huge fan of shopping.
The price tags and difficulty in finding what I want make it a pain

Violet said...

I know what you mean - that's why it took all day to find 3 things I wanted to buy. I have to go through a lot of ill-fitting, overpriced stuff to find something I like.

aprilbapryll said...

I hate shopping, but I needed new clothes for work so Tuesday I power shopped at Kohl's and spent $250 on a skirt suit, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 pink skirt, and 5 blouses. I shall not shop again until at least after Christmas. I did all this in 45 minutes before my hair appointment :)

Violet said...

aprilbapryl: that's so impressive! In 45 minutes I would normally not find anything. And when I found those 3 items last week I spent about 250% more than you did.