Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's a war in my body and I think I'm losing it

I'm sick. Again. Or perhaps, still. The boy reckons it's been dubbed the 90-day flu because, just when you think you've got over it, it comes back and drills you on the back of the head with a jackhammer.

I'll try not to bore you with self pity about my current condition, only that it feels like there's a series of small explosions going off in my skull - like the enemy are trying to blow up the same strategic bridge over and over again. Oh, and the alternating hot sweats and cold shivers. And the gluey snots clogging up my nostrils and turning me into a drooly mouth-breather. You get the idea.

Talk to ya later when I'm better.


Pollyanna_H said...

You poor thing Violet! I (and most people I work with) have been suffering with hideous viruses.

Lots of pain relief, steamy inhalations, hot lemon drinks, and drinking heaps of liquid so all that coughing works (but not wasting money on expensive cough mixture), breathing warm air, and having your family be very, very nice to you all help ....

Get well soon

donnasoowho said...

Oh dear - sounds as though you've been having a fun time since I've been away. I finally got over my cold after about 5 weeks... but now my tummy feels like I ate boiled knitting. Hope you feel better soon. If it's any consolation at all, I don't thinking hanging out in hot and sunny troppo troppo land helped at all!

Ms Mac said...

Ugghhh! Me too!

Get well soon.

Make Tea Not War said...

Oh poor Violet! It's especially hard being ill when you are a mum I think because so often there is no choice but to soldier on. Hope you feel better soon!

Violet said...

So nice to have your sympathy :-)
The boy has been a really angel, getting TLM up, getting her to and from daycare, cooking every night, bringing back all manner of pain killers from the pharmacy....TLM has been saying cute things like "Feel better soon, Mummy" and giving me careful cuddles.

Anyway, I have a load of antibiotics and 3 different types of painkillers. So hopefully I'll be fighting fit again by next week.