Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Daring to get away for a weekend

It's been a very, very long time since the boy and I were away. In fact, the last time was the only time we've been away as a family - when we booked two weeks at a resort in Fiji and came back after the first, due to severe lack of sleep for all of us.

We're thinking of going away again, only this time just for a weekend (perhaps a long weekend, but that depends on where we go and whether our respective workplaces are okay with it). So we can't go far. And we definitely want to stay somewhere with separate bedrooms, to ensure TLM doesn't have to sleep in the same room that we're trying to eat in.

So, those of you who've been around the lower North Island, where would you recommend? I'm thinking of a couple of luxury nights at The Portage in the Marlborough Sounds. Or maybe somewhere that requires fewer transfers and less overall travel time.


Make Tea Not War said...

The Wairarapa for a weekend is one option. It's not far to go. When DOTH was 3 we had our very first trip away there and we stayed here


It was good. We pottered around & went to Mount Bruce bird sanctuary. Having a whole house to ourselves and a garden she could play in kept everything quite low key and manageable.

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Violet said...

thanks - froggy sounds quite nice. I'll send the link to the boy and see what he thinks.

Cathi said...

Ditto what Make Tea said. I have stayed here a couple of times so would recommend it if froggy doesn't work out


Again it's a whole house to yourself.

Violet said...

thanks Cathi. Though it turns out that the boy is looking for some local version of a Butlands holiday camp. Good luck to him, I say.