Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sometimes it's good to be S.A.D. *

Okay, so I'm grumpy when it's cold and windy, and I get depressed if the sun doesn't come out for a whole month.

But when I can bask in golden sunshine in my lunch break and don't have to hold onto a telephone pole if I'm caught in a wind-tunnel (i.e. trying to cross the street in the middle of the CBD), then life is good.

Today, the sun shone and it was lovely warm and there was only just enough breeze to air out last week's bucketful of pooey laundry. TLM has made a rapid recovery from the bug which still has the boy and I hacking like scared dogs each morning; I can see myself taking a week off at the end of my contract; the boy...well the boy is still sometimes fed up with work but he's planning on taking some leave too.

So I'm happy.

* Having Seasonal Affective Disorder means that crap weather makes you moody and depressive. But on the other hand, maybe it means that a nice sunny day can send you over the moon...


Laura said...

I suspect I may have been suffering from a mild case of SAD (2 years w/out summer will do that to a girl) - and melatonin tablets have really helped.

aprilbapryll said...

The weather was amazing today, and it put me in a great mood! Although, I love rainy days too. It's mostly the sticky boiling hot days that I don't like. But today there was low humidity and everything, so we went to the park! :)

Violet said...

Hi laura! I've done one year of winters and I found it depressing too. A whole year of summers though, was great.

aprilbapryll: we don't get many hot sticky days. But I've been to Thailand in the middle of the rainy season and really didn't enjoy the weather.