Monday, October 17, 2005

childsafe home

It won't be long before Baby starts crawling around and getting her fingers into rubbish bins, power points and our DVD collection. So the boy suggested we get us a baby cage. I quite like the transport cage, because it'd be easy to get on and off the bus, and wouldn't take up too much space in a cafe.


happyandblue2 said...

I think you should go with a big one. That way you won't have to replace it any time soon.
Kids grow so fast..

glomgold said...

Only $100 extra for the electronic shocking system. I think that sounds like bargain city to me.

I think there was something in the news this past summer about some family in middle america that kept 6 or 7 foster children all locked up in little cages like that multi-pack one.

mlwhitt said...

That is too funny. By the way I took the Which Serenity Character are you and got Jayne. And by the way "Well, I ain't no Girl." ha ha.

River: "Jayne is a girl's name."

Jayne: "She starts on that 'girl's name' thing, I'm gonna show her good an' all I got man parts."

Simon: "I'm trying to think of a way for you to be cruder. It's just not coming."

Jon said...

Baby cage sounds weird- like a cat a cat carrier for babies. Or a prison, lol

flying kiwi said...

Pure gold. I also think you should just go with the teenager size one and then you can just leave her in there for the next 16 years...

Kazzer said...

Makes a great dogbox for the boy too.

Wicked said...

Do they come with a little lift-the-flap thingie for when she starts solids, and you can just slide her food through?

Violet said...

happyandblue2: you're so right

glomgold: that family must've been their biggest customers

mlwhitt: Jayne is a great character, though I wouldn't want to be him (I'm too sensitive)

jon: that's exactly what it is

flying kiwi: It should really be on castors though, so we can wheel her out into the sun now and then.

kazzer: it's have to be extra high, and contain at least one networked computer or else he'd be bending the bars like a stir-crazy gorilla.

wicked: you know, I didn't think to find out. Maybe the flap is extra.

flying kiwi said...

OMG, I was just doing some more "research" into the baby cage (ok, ok, I'm procrastinating at work) and found this bit I'd missed before: "Without discipline and structure, a child may become succeptible to liking rock and roll, doing drugs, or in an extreme case believing in liberalism."

Can you believe it? They misspelt susceptible.

EB said...

With the four in one cage, nevermind quadruplets, when the one baby gets tired of the compartment that it is in she can be put in to one of the others for a change scene.

darth said...

:lol: i love the stacking ones!

we DID childproof our kitchen..argh, all those stupid cabinet-finger locking things..and it was just so tedious to remove them, so..well, we just moved out.

Urban Chick said...


(though i will admit i found a not-dissimilar-looking playpen very useful for the chicklets...)

it was great for enhancing my ability to blog even when they were awake*


* just kidding!