Friday, October 07, 2005

"...cardboard box at side 'o' the road..." *

This guy reckons it's safer to put your baby to sleep in a cardboard box, than in bed with Mum and Dad.

I have to say that the few times we've put Baby in bed with us (out of sheer desperation I might add, because she wouldn't settle), I couldn't relax for fear of rolling over and squashing her accidentally. Those times, I'd fall asleep and then wake up, heart pounding, peering around for her little body amongst the duvet.

*Meant to be said with a Yorkshire accent, an homage to that hilarious Monty Python skit, The Four Yorkshiremen.


Avery's mom said...

the first several weeks home with the new baby, we struggled with where to 'sleep' with her at
we ended up getting a shallow 'rubbermaid' tub lined with a fuzzy blanket and placed it right next to the bed on my nightstand. It worked for a few nights and was worth the 3$ we spent. unfortuantely she has outgrown it in length and we're working on getting her familiarised with her crib. She's only 5 weeks right now, and still wakes about every 3hours for feeding but each night I think I feel a little bit of progress made.

boudica of suburbia said...

Its difficult isn't it? I guess you have to make sure you give her enough attention without giving her too much... hmm, well said Boudica lol.

If either of you smoke you def shouldn't have her in bed with you as, even if you're aren't lighting up next to her, you still breathe chemicals out during your sleep.

Apart from that I have little other practicable knowledge.


happyandblue2 said...

Usually the urine soaked sheet gives you a clue you are getting close to your baby..

Make Tea Not War said...

My daughter would never settle in bed with us. She'd kick and whinge and do her little best to make us uncomfortable till we put her to bed by herself. We had her in a bassinet in our room until she started to wake herself up in it by flinging her arms out and hitting the sides. In fact she slept a lot better once she was in her cot, with the door closed, in her own room. It might have been that she was developmentally ready to sleep better at that point but I actually think we disturbed her at night when she was in our room by moving around and having the light on etc.

Juliabohemian said...

Honestly, I slept with both of my babies in my bed with me and they were both fine. ANYTHING is possible though.

When my husband was growing up, a child on his street was playing in the gutter (right beside the sidewalk, but kind of in the street) he was inside a cardboard box. A car came around the corner and ran him over. Needless to say, he died. So, cardboard boxes aren't necessarily safe either.

small one said...

Unrelated comment--

happy day on the 12th. David told me

Violet said...

robyn: you've got it better than I did when Baby was 5 weeks - she was waking me up every 2 hours.

boudica: well said indeed!

happyandblue2: that's why you use nappies.

glomgold said...

I don't recall that Monty Python sketch. I blame it on my old age!

Violet said...

mtnw: I told the boy about your comment and he said something about not wanting to know what you two get up to in the night to disturb your daughter's sleep ;-)

juliabohemian: oh darn, better throw my cardboard box away then...

grrr: thanks! I didn't think he'd have remembered!

glomgold: you must seek it out - it's a classic and the one that sticks in my mind most.

Make Tea Not War said...

>"what you two get up to in the night to disturb your daughter's sleep"

Folding washing and discusing whose turn it is to put the dishwasher on mainly (no- neither of these are euphemisms!)