Saturday, October 29, 2005

baby buggy blues

I was not a happy chappy this afternoon. We've had our baby buggy for about five weeks now, and in this time it's already suffered two flat tires and displayed signs of surface rust. Now, I guess I'm just unlucky with the flat tires, but all the same; we paid quite a lot of money for this thing and the last thing I want is to have to return to the shop every other week because something's gone wrong with it.

At the shop, I told the owner I was really unhappy about this. Now here's a bit of customer service advice - if a customer complains because a product she bought recently always seems to have something go wrong with it, telling her that she's the only one who's had these problems really doesn't help.

What made me grumpier still was that he wasn't able to supply me with a replacement inner tube because they were out. Unless I was willing to wait until Monday (which is a long time without a buggy when you depend on one to get your baby to nap for more than 45 minutes), I had to trek out to another part of town and pay for a new tube, then return to the shop for reimbursement.

I really wanted to ask for a replacement buggy, but it would have to have been another all-terrain model; I'm sure that all of their all-terrain buggies have exactly the same kind of tyres, so I wouldn't have been any better off even if they'd go along with it.

So I relented, though not without imparting a remark about wanting a six-pack of inner tubes to save myself returning to the shop multiple times in the near future.


Nyx said...

That sounds really annoying, what is the wording on the warranty? Some actually state either repair only or replacement only, it may be worth seeing if you can just trade in for another one.

Loved your post of good things in between the other times by the way, especially turning 'ah-goo' into a conversation - I remember it well.

happyandblue2 said...

It seems odd that you would get flat tires on the buggy.
Are you driving it past a thumbtack factory on your walks by any chance..

Violet said...

llcoffee: At least I can get replacements under the warranty, which I assume lasts for one year (I'm gonna check with them next time I'm in the shop, which will probably not be far off in the future). I need to remember those fuzzie moments to get me through the "what the hell am I doing" moments...

happyandblue2: funny you should ask, because the second flat was indeed caused by a thumb tack. I don't know how the first one occurred though.

boudica of suburbia said...

Sounds similar to our boiler story. Hopefully, one day this millenia they will fix ALL the broken parts, saving us from calling them up every few days.

And hopefully we'll have some heating before the cold snap.

PS my mother is caravanning around NZ as we speak!

EB said...

Customer non-service is very irritating. Does that owner have a car because I have some thumbtacks.

Violet said...

boudica: I hope so too; does it get really cold over where you live? Hope your mum is enjoying her NZ holiday.

eb: that's the nicest thing anyone could have said! But we'd have to make it look like an accident of course.

glomgold said...

I had no idea the car dealership mentality permeated and corrupted even the baby buggy industry!