Sunday, August 28, 2005

What makes it worth the toil

Here's Baby totally ignoring the baby gym which her mum so thoughtfully set up. Perhaps in another few weeks, eh?

Here's Baby having her first fun bath - she hated the first two.

Baby in one of her less feminine poses (she might be having a poo)...and wearing Flying Kiwi's psychedelic bodysuit.


EB said...

Your Baby is beautiful and the pose in the bodysuit is very cute.

mlwhitt said...

Bet she will grow up to be a kick ass Vampire Slayer. ;)

Violet seeing your little one gets me that more excited about my soon to be born daughter. I can't wait to for her to get here. Love that tiedye shirt by the way. ;)

Nigel Patel said...

I love the flower-child onesie.
And since she has a full head of hair, she won't have to be embarrassed later on by Bald pictures.

onscreen said...

love the bodysuite!!

Cute bub, btw.

The Editter said...

Oh, she's gorgeous! even in that hippie bodysuit from San Francisco! (flying kiwi didn't send you any of her offcut dreadlocks to accessorise it?)

Jon said...

Adorable! Who does she look like more, you are the boy?

boudica of suburbia said...

what a gorgeous baby!
I want one!


Violet said...

eb: you can count on that photo turning up at her 21st.

mlwhitt: Yeah, she's already got a real distinctive personality. It shouldn't be long now before you meet your own daughter, eh?

nigel: As soon as she outgrows the hippy suit, the boy will be out buying her punkwear.

onscreen: unfortunately the bodysuit only stayed on for a few hours, because she eventually regurgitated all over it and had to be changed!

editter: dreadlocks wouldn't have matched; Baby would need to wear something red and green to go with those.

jon: she looks like the boy; fortunately, she's unlikely to start sprouting facial hair and I'm not going to let her get any tattoos any time soon...

boudica: be careful what you wish for...!

flying kiwi said...

I'm so pleased to see there's still room for her to grow into the onesie. And I'm also pleased your readership seems to like it. She is just gorgeous.

Violet said...

Yeah she sure is, even when she's at her grumpiest.