Monday, August 15, 2005

The aftermath - a list

1. One really good thing about being pregnant is the nine months without periods. Then you give birth and have to put up with the biggest period you're ever going to have in your life (that is, if you're a natural-born female).

2. The ache in the lower back which dogged me throughout my third trimester, is still here now that I don't have all that extra weight to carry around.

3. Now that Baby is no longer part of my body, I feel kinda thin. Until I notice that I still look about four months pregnant.

4. Stitches in the perineum are a pain in the arse.

5. Cradling Baby to sleep, and supporting her during feeds, is really good exercise for the arms and shoulders.

6. I've learned that, according to Chinese tradition, I shouldn't eat fruit for some weeks after having given birth. Stuff that.

7. The boy makes a great doula. What a pity he'll have to go back to work soon.

8. Breastfeeding is hard.

9. Watching a baby making funny faces in her sleep can be more fascinating than watching television.


Kazzer said...

Violet, you could get a job going around colleges putting young girls off. You'd have the teenage pregancy problem sorted within weeks.
Babies are great time wasters aren't they?

Wicked said...

I have only recently discovered the concept of a "doula"... fabulous idea and I want to be one now.
Everyone here thinks your wee lass is an absolute angel. :)

Nyx said...

I feel left out, I might have to go and google 'doula'.

btw, I agree, Breastfeeding is hard. Hang in there, just keep watching that wee one sleeping and it makes it so much better. I still watch mine sleeping and get that warm fuzzy feeling, and they're 7 and 8.

mlwhitt said...

"4. Stitches in the perineum are a pain in the arse." Sorry to laugh but that was too funny.

My wife is worried about that part.

She is going to breastfeed, I am so glad. I know she is a nervous wreck about it though.

EB said...

It took longer than expected for the biggest period I've ever had to taper off and then there's been no sign of it since due to breastfeeding and yes breastfeeding is hard.
I wouldn't have minded the trial and error so much if it didn't hurt.

happyandblue2 said...

You really could scare most young girls off sex, tee,hee..

Violet said...

kazzer and happyandblue2: It sure has put me off.

wicked: I don't know if we have 'em in NZ, and don't know how much it'd cost, but it would be so handy once the boy goes back to work.

llcoffee: a doula is someone who helps the mother out after she gives birth. She isn't strictly a midwife, but would know all about looking about babies.

mlwhitt: yeah, they're no fun at all. Your wife could try perineal massage; apparently that can help prevent tearing.

eb: At least it must be nice to be able to save money on tampons.

TimT said...

9. Watching a baby making funny faces in her sleep can be more fascinating than watching television.

She's dreaming about breastfeeding ...

Rainypete said...

My wife thinks that the 9 months of cramps save themselves up - therefore labour!

Sleeping babies are way better than cable.