Monday, August 08, 2005


Last night I had a few Braxton Hicks contractions; according to the handout I got at one of the antenatal classes, this means I'm at the "last few weeks of pregnancy" stage. I called the midwife anyway, just to let her know that at last something was happening, but she just said it didn't really mean anything until the contractions started hurting.

So in the meantime, here are a couple of shots of the Baby-less nursery.

In the top photo is the travel cot (note the big wall space still waiting for the giant marine jigsaw puzzle and the clay relief of Ganesh).

In the photo just above is the leather recliner (currently topped by the boy's sleeping bag), table and Pooh pictures (Piglet is there, but he was store-bought). You can just see a fragment of the big flower mobile hanging from the ceiling.

I know, the wall colour is atrocious.


EB said...

How exciting! I remember getting the Braxton Hicks whenever walking downhill. Eventually it became whenever.

Nyx said...

Braxton Hicks can be tricky and hurt quite a bit and then everything stops. That happened to me at a dinner party and everyone was really excited as we all thought that this was it! They were all really disappointed.

glomgold said...

That looks like it'll be a fun room for the baby. The wall color looks ok to me. I have yet to get on the 'non-white, pleasant colors' thing.

Violet said...

eb: I seem to get the contractions after a big meal!

llcoffee: There's still no 'show', and I gather that until I see that I'm not much close to real labour than I was a week ago.

glomgold: I reckon the walls should've been mid-green or something, but I'm sure Baby isn't even gonna notice for months and months.