Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rock-hard boobies

That's something I forgot to add to the list on yesterday's post. I really don't know how I could've actually forgotton though, since they just get in the way whenever I move my arms. For the first time in my life I'm probably a D-cup, and not in a soft Dolly Parton-y kind of way either. Probably they feel more like a silicon implant job gone wrong. I hear cabbage leaves are a good fix.


Desiree said...


You are definitely going to have to post an explanation on the cabbage leaves - the mind boggles!

Can't wait to see who spams you on this post!


"Great blog! I'm definitely coming back for more! Please look at mine, it's got all the info you need on stuffing cabbage leaves with your boobies..." - you get my drift...heh, heh!

EB said...

I didn't use cabbage leaves for fear of losing the milk supply.

This site says that applying the leaves for 20 mins 2-3 times a day helps and to stop the moment it slackens from rockness.

Did you find a D sized cabbage?

cesca said...

Oh god, I remember the "rock hard boobies" phase. It was awful!

I felt like a oversized Barbie doll.

I also heard cabbage leaves are good, but never ended up using them. I just used hot water bottles, one in each armpit... Agony. It only lasts a few days, thank goodness, then they soften up.

Ms Mac said...

Feeding baby as often as poss also helps to soften the boobies as well bonding with the young 'un.

Aww, I'm all nostalgic for my babies again!

onscreen said...

Cabbage worked well for my wife's concrete boobies.....

Violet said...

desiree: the idea is to put a cabbage leave inside each bra cup; this cools the boobs down and makes them feel less like they're about to explode.

As for the spam - If only spam comments could be that useful.

eb: Is that what happens? I didn't know that. I'll definitely have a look at that link. And no I didn't find a D-sized cabbage; I had to have 2 or 3 pieces for each boob.

cesca:the cabbage leaves do work, for as long as they stay cool from the fridge.

ms. mac : Baby's been feeding heaps - both boobs x 2 every couple of hours... and that works too!

onscreen: And it's a good way to use up cabbage which you haven't gotten around to cooking up for dinner too.

glomgold said...

I was about to ask regarding the cabbage leaves... crazy!