Friday, April 29, 2005

The short and sweet Horlicks clinical trial

Okay, more like anectocal trials than clinical trials but - the stuff sure works!

I had to experiment with the dosage though, due to my lactose intolerance (if you didn't know, Horlicks contains both skim milk powder and a separate amount of lactose, plus you have to make it up with fresh milk). The first evening, I made myself a full cup of the stuff and my anticipated sweet dreams were replaced by a disappointing case of "the trots".

The following evenings, I reduced my dosage to half a cup of the drink (minus the small amount which boiled over the edge of the cup in the microwave oven). This resulted in either a full night's sleep, or only minor awakenings (as opposed to being wide awake, getting out of bed, going to the toilet, watching Animal Planet on the telly and eating toast whilst waiting to feel sleepy again).

On Wednesday evening though, I missed my dose because of my cold. I was so full of mucous already, and decided I didn't want any more. And on that night I had a lousy night's sleep.

Last night I was back on the Horlicks, and sleep was fine and full of pleasantly interesting dreams.

So there you have it - Horlicks puts you to sleep. I'd be happy to recommend it, especially if the makers put money in my hands to say so on TV.


Onanymous said...

I love Horlicks, but since it is imported, I just can't afford it these days.

Sweet dreams.

glomgold said...

I wonder why it needs the extra lactose in there.
Have you tried those pressure point massages between thumb and index finger? It seems to have worked for me the times I've tried it.

Violet said...

onanymous: yeah it's not cheap is it? It's about $7 in NZ money for a jar of 18 servings. Hot chocolate is way cheaper (but it wouldn't make me go to sleep).

glomgold: no I haven't tried that. How long do you massage those bits for, and do you do it on both hands?

Jon said...

Hi Violet. I read about your fainting and now you have a cold, so be sure to take good care of yourself! *wagging finger in motherlike way*

And what is Horlick's? Is it a supplement of some sort? what an awful name!

Violet said...

jon: yes, mum ;-)
Horlicks sounds kind of rude, doesn't it? It's a powdered milk drink, which you mix with hot milk, to help you relax and go beddy-byes. It's English.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Told you that was a good idea! I think there's a malted version too, from memory.

Violet said...

Desiree: I couldn't remember whether it was you who'd suggested it, but I'm not surprised that it was. What a pity that other foods (like cake or cookes, for instance) don't also contain useful amounts of l-tryptophan.

glomgold said...

Yes, both hands. I've been massaging 50 times per. It's almost below the bottom knuckle of your index fingers; you'll know the spot because if you press it hard enough it has an unpleasant, painful pang (which is how hard you need to massage it).