Monday, April 11, 2005

Posh dinner

Last night the boy took me out to what is probably the poshest restaurant in town, and for no particular reason (although my grumble that we don't celebrate our anniversary because we don't have one, may have had a tiny bit to do with it).

It wasn't just posh because it was humungously expensive. It was also posh because the menu is exotic (pheasant, venison, quail and salmon for instance); the waiter puts the napkin on your lap for you; he actually waits for a pause in your conversation before asking what you want to eat (and if you're not ready yet, he will come back); and because there were expensive-looking jackets and stoles in the cloakroom.

I'd been told to dress up, so with my designer pregnancy jeans I wore the only posh top that I could still get into (and only just - my boobs threatened to spill out at one point and the boy was compelled to "adjust" the garment for me). Even the lipstick, sitting ever-ready in the drawer for the last two years, got a look in. (The boy wore a long striped shirt that makes him look like Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven).

Our waiter was a young Jude Law with nice manners and a polite smile. He smiled a whole lot more when the boy gave him a tip that would have made me choke on my spinach and oyster soup, if I was still eating it by then.

Any hopes that the boy may have had for after-dinner naughties would've been dashed though. After a big, late meal like that, I was home and snoring in minutes.


Happy and Blue said...

Were you tired because of the meal or because you had carried all those expensive looking jackets and stoles from the cloakroom home with you, tee,hee..

Desiree said...

[guessing here]
Did you go for the degustation meal like I did for my birthday...?
[guessing again]
Did you get a nice view of Oriental Bay?

Whatever, I'm glad you had a lovely night out! You deserve it! Hope you gave the boy lots of smooches anyway for that effort!

EB said...

What a treat! He's obviously very fond of ya.

Violet said...

happyandblue: well it couldn't have been the latter, because, y'know, I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting...

desiree: we had a lovely view over the Bay :-)

eb: I like to think so :-)

The Skirt said...

Ah bless the boy - he's cottoned on to the idea of spoiling you as the mother of his lovely child!

Do bear in mind that you can create an anniversary of any significant event. Tho we aren't married, The Trouser and I celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss (impromptu boozy lunch on Waiheke this year), and I am secretly planning a celebration of the anniversary of us taking possession of our place :-)

Seriously, any excuse will do!

Violet said...

the skirt: the boy has always spoiled me, mostly with regular massages. Food also works!