Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The belly

Those forty-five minute walks home from walk are taking almost an hour now, with every slow step being that much harder. I can see now why a woman might want to try a belly bra, because it feels like my belly is trying really hard to give me stretch marks - as though gravity itself is not doing a good enough job of it. I thought I would have to start taking the bus home when I could no longer go forty five minutes without a pee, but I might be wrong on that one.

Up until now, I've been guessing at whether I'm feeling the baby kicking. I think most of the time what I've actually been experiencing is gas, indigestion, cramp or the ligaments around my uterus stretching to make way for greater baby heft. But now I think I have it. The kicks are those little flutterings which feel as though I'm being tickled from the inside. It must be those, because they don't feel like anything else I've felt before, and because I've felt them mostly at night or when I'm sitting still.

Well, I'm off now to be my mother's nurse for an hour or two. The boy has promised to make me something especially nice for tea when I get home, because he feels guilty about staying out till 3am this morning. It's not that I don't like him having his boys' nights out; it's just that when I wake up at 2am and can't get back to sleep again, I want him to be around to feel my tossing and turning, and to hear me sighing with frustration. It's nice to have someone to complain to.


Jon said...

What was he doing until 3 in the morning? Poker and drinking with the guy friends?

EB said...

I had kicks at night too which I found very reassuring. When baby was doing a lot I'd get JB to put his hand on and he could feel them too. We didn't go as far as putting chocolate Maltesers on to see if they would be kicked off though like in that ad.

Violet said...

Jon: presumably he was eating, boozing and solving the problems of the world. Once he got into a fight and got arrested, but that's bad boys for you ;-)

eb: The kicks are probably too gentle for that, but I might give it a go with the Maltesers later on.

Ms Mac said...

I used to adore feeling my babies kicking around inside. And in fact when they were born, I missed that mother-baby feeling. When they're still in there they're all yours, when they're born they belong to a whole load of others.

Aren't I selfish?

I'm assuming this is your first pregnancy. With my first I didn't realise the baby kicking until after 5 months. By the third I realised I could feel the baby swishing about in the 12th week! Aiiiee! Now I'm all broody again!

Frally said...

I loved feeling my little ones kicking around. You've made me all nostalgic for that feeling again. Not good.


glomgold said...

You know, I've never actually even considered the idea before of what it must feel like having a baby kicking a person from the inside. Wow!

onscreen said...

"It's nice to have someone to complain to."

It's nice to know all women are the same ;-)

Violet said...

Ms mac: I read somewhere that in subsequent pregnancies, the mother can feel kicking much sooner - probably because they already know what it feels like.

Frally: you and ms. mac both! Well someone's got to produce the kids who'll grow up and fund our retirement, eh?

glomgold: so you've thought about being kicked by a baby from the outside?

onscreen: you're just stirring, aren't you?

onscreen said...

Stirring, me?



Sorry ;-)