Sunday, April 03, 2005

The day after the big spend

Yesterday, after I got back from the gym, we went into town for lunch and I wore my new boots. We didn't do all that much walking, but all the same I was glad that my feet didn't show any signs of new-shoe blisters. (I also wore them this morning when I took my mum out to the Sunday market, and still no sign of blisters). So, tentatively, I'm going to announce that the boots are such good quality that they do not cause blisters when worn new, thus vindicating the enormous sum I spent on them.

Blisters are a terrible thing. I once went for on a tramping weekend in un-broken-in boots, and got enormous blisters spanning the length of each foot - and that was just in the ten minute hike from the car park to the beginning of the track. Nothing stuffs up a walk in the hills more than feet that hurt.

I wasn't game to wear them walking up and down the zoo though. We were taking my nephew there, as a late birthday outing. Curiously, amongst the lion cubs, the otter, the giraffes and the baby guinea pigs, it was the peccarys (wild pigs) which he remembered and told his mum and dad about later.

Covering the whole zoo is quite a walk, and the little fella was plain tuckered out after an hour (though not too tired to finish an entire Fruju ice block). Once we got him home he fell asleep watching The Wiggles.

Actually, I was a bit tired too. Instead of going out for dinner as we'd planned, we got oysters 'n' chips from the local fish 'n' chip shop for an early dinner at home and watched four episodes of our new Angel DVDs.

In between episodes, the boy gave me little mini backrubs, because all of a sudden my back is always sore and moving around while sitting or lying down has become such an effort.


ClaudBLOG said...

I think that a trip to the zoo counts as 2 trips to the burn twice as many calories in the hike!

EB said...

Crikey, those were indeed enormous blisters from your hike. Major ouchy; I think I would have fainted. Once two friends helped me when I had sore feet: one kept me company while the other lent me her shoes and then walked off in barefeet to get her car.

happyandblue2 said...

I just knew that the new boots would be a good investment.
If you are hiking duct tape will keep blisters off your feet. I know it sounds stupid but it really does work. You don't tape your whole foot. Just the parts that rub in your shoes.
And duct tape doesn't cost $200. Not that those boots you bought weren't a good deal..

Violet said...

claudblog: you're right, which is why multiple bowls of ice cream afterwards was completely justified.

eb: you have very nice friends ;-)

happyandblue2: I fixed the problem by buying tramping boots in suede and nylon instead of the tough leather which the first pair was made of. I never a a problem with tramping blisters again.