Sunday, January 06, 2013

When the child's away, the parents will play - kind of

"You could go out of town! Have dinner up the coast!" my sister-in-law said, just before driving away with our only child for an impromptu sleep-over.

Ooh, yes. We certainly could. We don't get away much, with or without TLM (but especially without). The boy used to love it when we went to Rotorua for the weekend and stayed somewhere with geothermal pools.  And the weather forecast for the weekend was really promising.

I was so excited by the possibilities that I washed the dishes prematurely (rather than waiting till nightfall) - so that ants wouldn't get into them while we were away.

Well, we didn't go away in the end. I wanted to go for walks but the pale and sun-shy boy couldn't find his hat. So we went into town and went shopping for a new one. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping almost as much as the boy does - I found a new sunhat for me,  and the boy, after much searching, found a cap to fit his enormous (but handsome) head. He also found a new designer hoodie, two designer t-shirts and some Calvin Klein undies (much-needed, trust me). (Later, the boy told me that his highlight of the day was the look of horror on my face when the saleswoman told us how much all of the boy's new clothes cost. If you'd have been there, you would have looked like that too.)

Then we went for a drive an a walk at Percy Reserve, shopped for groceries and returned home for some relaxing reading in the sun before the boy cooked me a nice dinner (crispy duck with courgettes and capsicums, plus warm turkish bread).

Afterwards I read in the news that majors roads up the coast had been blocked off for roadworks, so I guess it's just as well we didn't decide to get out of town.


Amanda said...

Traffic is a bit mad at this time of year and it doesn't really lend itself to just nipping off for a night away. Even if there weren't road blocks there would have been massive queues as everyone is coming back from holidays. Airports are pretty insane too ( I know because we flew back from the South Island a couple of days ago).

Anonymous said...

So you haven't converted him to thunderpants yet

Violet said...

Amanda: yeah you're right - that's the trouble with living in a place with only one highway out!

donnasoowho: unfortunately not - he is deadset on his Calvins for their engineered willy-support. And TLM is not interested either, probably because all her friends wear the normal undies that go up ya bum.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a nice child-free day though, despite not slipping away for the night. I'm about to have a few nights of no kids. It's a very strange thing. I don't know if I like it yet...

Violet said...

kiwiyarns: yeah it always feels strange to me when TLM is away! She had another sleepover last night and we had a proper "date" night. Today she was absolutely sleep deprived of course.