Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I'm doing in my summer holidays

I took a week and a bit off before TLM goes back to school, hoping to catch some summer with her before we are all shut in until Easter.

It's just as well that we decided to go to Matiu/Somes Island on Tuesday, when I saw what a beautiful morning it was - because since then the weather's been rubbish. It's been warm, but muggy or rainy. Actually, almost exactly like the weather we "enjoyed" between Christmas and New Year - the last time I had a few days off work. I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

TLM still had fun though.

Yesterday we went to Petone for a bimble after dropping the boy off at work. We were about an hour early for the shops to open, so went for a walk along the Esplanade. TLM made the most of the sandy and shell-covered shore, and built a sandcastle before burying it again (for someone else to find, apparently). Then, the shops opened and TLM bought a cute little mouse (probably intended as a toy for a kitten) from the Cats Galore shop. The only shop I wanted to visit was the Holland Road Yarn Company, but it was inexplicably closed. It's probably just as well as I would have ended up buying lots of yarn I don't need.

Today we did lots of chores, but spent lots of time making pictures. I propped up my drawing board on some newspapers so that TLM could paint as though on an easel. I think we produced some great abstract works... Unfortunately laying down newspaper on the kitchen floor was not such a great idea. It stopped the paint from going on the floor, but now I have newsprint ink all over it!


Amanda said...

DOTH will be jealous if I tell her TLM got to go to Matiu/Sommes Island!

Violet said...

You an tell DOTH that it was really hot and we didn't have any Mallowpuffs, if that helps :-)