Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holiday bonus

TLM was due to start school the tomorrow, and we didn't have a stationery list yet for her new class. So while she lounged about in her nightie (it was 9.30am) I went to the school website to see whether I could find a list there.

I couldn't find it - but what did catch my eye was the humungous notice on their homepage announcing that school was starting TODAY (apparently a slight change in start date made some time after their late-2012 newsletter).

TLM may act a bit slothfully when she's on holiday, but I have been very impressed at her ability to get ready quickly when it's really important. Within minutes we were headed down the hill to school, her new backpack loaded with lunch, a drink and an Asterisk omnibus.

And - bonus - this was followed by about several hours of completely free time for me!!


donnasoowho said...


kiwiyarns said...

Good that you checked the website! Not very organised of the school! Hope you enjoyed your bonus free time. :-)

Violet said...

It was great - but of course there just wasn't enough time to do all the things I could do with a few hours of spare time!