Monday, January 04, 2010

That went far too quickly

I think Summer happened maybe three times over the Christmas and New Year break, with plenty of rain and gustiness in between.

We finally got a perfectly gorgeous day today, the last day before I go back to work. We managed to fit in:
  • a load of washing; 
  • a playdate at the public swimming pool (where TLM pranced about and learned to steer clear of the squirty things that spray warm water in your face when you least expect it); a walk in the hills for me while the boy took TLM to the zoo; 
  • sewing TLM's Dora dress (using pink Dora fabric which the boy bought pre-Xmas, plus some purple quilting fabric which I'd originally intended for a loud Sixties tunic for myself - I'll post a piccie when it's completed); 
  • and many games of Snap.
So tomorrow it's back to normality - for me, anyway. For the boy, it's a week of being TLM's main playmate for another week before daycare starts up again. He's gonna be tired by Friday.


Heidi said...

Hope you have some more nice weather. It finally stopped snowing here, well just for now.It's supposed to snow until Wednesday. UGH!

Tiki said...

Gustiness? I thought it was never windy in Wellington? ;) So says every Wellingtonian I have ever met..

But I hope the sunny days are sticking around now, this past fortnight has been stunning and long may it stay. And I just love it when we make the boys do the childcare, mine is usually shattered after one day.

Violet said...

Heidi: we usually get our "proper" summer whether in January/February - for about 3 weeks...

Tiki: yes, it's so unusual ;-)
When the boy does childcare, I can guarantee he won't be doing any housework as well :-(

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

thanks so much for the comment you left me! hope you get some more sunshine in this summer, its not over yet...