Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disguise yourself as nature

I think black suits my colouring, but the main reason I wear it is because it's supposed to go with any colour. And, unlike colours, you can wear it head to toe without looking like a giant child's toy or a funny-shaped cupcake.

But I've bought some fabric for a skirt, and its a chocolate brown with pink embroidery. Sounds pukey, but actually quite pretty (at least in my opinion).

And that got me wondering what on earth would I wear with it, because according to Trinny and Susannah I really should not wear browns.

I had an epiphany while walking from the bus stop to my house this afternoon. Why not take nature as my inspiration i.e. if two particular colours are found in nature, then they will probably look find in your outfit.

This means that:
  • green goes with red, blue, yellow, white and orange (flower colours)
  • blue goes with white, green and yellow (flower and sky colours)
  • brown goes with green, black, yellow and orange (forest floor colours)
  • white goes with white, blue and black (snow, sky and zebra colours)
  • red goes with nude, green (bleeding person and flower colours)

and so on.

Of course, there is always the chance that you'll end up being mistaken for the landscape.


donnasoowho said...

Mmm, I don't wear brown either. I had my colours done once (am winter - suspect you are too) and vaguely recall that brown is not friend. Although I think the main reason I don't wear brown is cause I am too lazy to have to get a whole separate set of accessories (which is why the handbag dilemma was such an issue). Anything too sort of 'natural' makes me look a bit bleugh and unfortunately don't suit orange or that kind of bottle green that is sometimes quite popular. Tis true that I look much better in jewel sort of colours (fushia, blue, red, green). I've been trying to wear less black lately tho. Not sure have been very successful tho.

Nigel Patel said...

I'd even try to help but I'm somewhat color blind.

Antoinette said...

"bleeding person colors" LOL

Good catch, for sure. Being in Hawaii I am struck by the persistent, recurring natural color schemes, which have to do with fire and water. And I also have very little brown in the wardrobe -- just not too flattering for my skin tone.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: Yes - I look best in jewel colours too! So why on earth am I always drawn to those browny orangey colours? Anyway, I reckon I can get away with olive green which - in my humble opinion - does go with the chocolatey brown fabric.

nigel: that's okay, just know that redheads apparently don't suit red. But they look lovely in green.

Antoinette: I reckon if you can find a colour that goes with it which does suit you, then wear that colour next to your face - you'll be sweet.
I hope so, anyway...

Nigel Patel said...

I've been told that. Also blue for my eyes.

PBS said...

I love that concept, and why not wear what nature wears? Nature is beautiful. That being said, I don't wear brown either but mostly navy and black. I do like olive and have a few things in that color. That fabric sounds very pretty!

donnasoowho said...

I know what you mean I went through a long period of denial over an olivey-green party dress. Last 'neutral' purchase I made was a kind of beige workshirt. I stopped wearing it eventually cause people kept on asking me if I was feeling alright. Think it made me look peaky.

Violet said...

Ooh I don't do beige at all. And that "nude" that's been so hot all over the fashion mags is just a fancy word for beige, innit?

Have just spent some time cutting out my fabric (had to go and buy more 'cos it shrank in the wash!) and the brown is dark enough to almost pass for black I reckon. Which is good :-)