Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wintry poshness

When the sister-out-law saw me this afternoon she assumed I'd just got in from work. I hadn't - it's just that it was bloody freezing today so I was wearing my black leathers i.e. long leather coat a la Spike, and high boots. Oh, and because I just got my hair cut this morning.

All the hairdresser did was lop a few spare centimeters off my classic front-bits-longer-than-back-bits bob. And voila - cheekbones!

See if it were 25 degrees Celsius, I'd have been in my manky sandals, old t-shirt and skirt - which is not at all posh.


donnasoowho said...

What's happened to the weather then? It seemed quite good on Monday... I wore my boots to work today (cause my shoes are getting little heel things put on) and my feet felt really hot all day. It was a bit 'boo'.

Violet said...

we're having a cold snap, dontcha know. We've been forecasted a few days of chilliness (it was 9 degrees this morning I think), followed by a return to normal Autumn temperatures.

donnasoowho said...

9 degrees!! Holy Moley!