Wednesday, October 20, 2004

last-minute friends

One of my co-workers is leaving the library, and town, to work in an Auckland library. Although, like me, she's into computers and science fiction (and the original Star Trek, no less), we've never become friends. In fact, I remember once bumping into her at a geek shop (Dick Smith Electronics, to be exact) in the weekend, and feeling a little slighted when she ignored me after an initial 'hello'.

Someone told her last week that I have a blog; perhaps because she's relatively new to blogging, she was keen to talk about blogging with me. This morning she even complimented my blog, then eagerly described a funny story to me (about a recorded episode of Rainbow, a children's show, which apparently sounds hilariously suggestive to adult ears).

While I don't feel like we've become great mates suddenly, I now feel slightly sorry that I'll be missing out on a potential friendship. This isn't the first time it's happened. I can recall several people who I never got to know at all until just before their leaving parties, when I suddenly started having interesting conversations with them and liking them.

What the hell is it with that?


natalie biz said...

"about a recorded episode of Rainbow..."

ha! that was funny. it was posted over at NoiZyblog.

Violet said...

That was it! We weren't able to watch it at work because everyone either had no speakers or only 'dumb' terminal PCs (or were too strait-laced or our bosses).

Its as unbelievable as Captain Pugwash, Seaman Staines and Master Bates...