Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Home" again

We were watching the X-Files Season Four extras the other night, when I found out that the episode "Home" (the one with the chronically incestuous Peacock famil) had been banned in the States. So...did the Americans have to watch it on cable or what?

It is a personal favourite episode, though Small Potatoes is another favourite; that's the one where a less-than studly janitor is able to shape-change into any other person, including Fox Mulder, and nearly seduces Scully in the process.

And there are other favourites too, like the one at a freak show with a tattooed man called Enigma.


nichole said...

I saw "Home" on FX, a FOX-affiliated cable channel, long after season 4 had been first broadcast. That's the first I'd heard of it being banned! Though stranger things get the FCC/moral censors up in arms over here.

Ah, the X-Files. Great autumn/winter huddle-down-with-cocoa TV.

Violet said...

...and having a whole season's worth on DVD is the best thing for a sick day.