Sunday, May 03, 2020

Rainy weekend productiveness

Yesterday I cut into my organic cotton denim ordered fro Miss Maudes, to make the Alice and co Intrepid Boilersuit.

The photos are on my Instagram here.

It literally took me a day and a half to make. I was up at 7.30 this morning and inthe "zone" until 2pm this afternoon when it was all finished. Though I did spend the previous weekend making a test garment to check the fit...

I never thought I would make a jumpsuit be cause of the bathroom awkwardness involved. But some time after rewatching Alexa Chung cuff up a boilersuit and seeing finished makes of the Merchant and Mills Thelma boilersuit, I was committed.
Besides, I had that zip that a friend saved for me when her husband decided to dispose of his overalls.

Now that its finished I am only sorry that the garment  actually feels quite heavy on. So I have to wear it belted for comfort.


  • Shortened the legs
  • Removed 1.5cm from top of the pants and bottom of the bodice
  • Removed one or two sizes worth at the sides of the legs and at the waist.
  • Cut short sleeves
  • Took a bit off the shoulder width
  • Went down a size at the sleeve armcye
  • Used option 3 for zip insertion (with facing)
  • Put the back pockets on the chest and the chest pockets on the back
I may make it again in a lighter fabric next summer. I've used the pants pieces to make pajama pants very successfully, and the upper body pieces make a good pullover top too.


babystartiger said...

Nice boilersuit Violet - although I believe in the olden days these were called 'overalls' and you could buy them in a variety of generic sizes at Warnocks. Mine had a picture of a racing car on it.

swirl-vc said...

Nice. It seems that boilersuit, overall and coverall all get used interchangeably. I have called mine a boilersuit because that's what the sewing pattern calls it 😊