Saturday, April 08, 2017

Death traps

We have had it with the flies in this house - they buzz around my head, try to eat our food and die in inconvenient places.

I think it's worse than it's ever been. The only plus side is at least they aren't mosquitos or some other bite-y bug.

I am not at all in favour of fly sprays. They squirt chemicals all over the place and, anecdotally, don't actually work.

I did some googling research  and read that if you hang a plastic bag half-full of water plus a few coins in the doorway, the flies won't come into the house.

However the boy did not seem think this was good enough - probably because all the flies seem to be in the house already.

So he went out to and bought some fly paper (above) and a fly-catcher (like a dream catcher but icky-ier) (below).

Welcome to your demise, flies!!


april said...

We have one of those tennis rackets that electrocutes them, and I always appreciate that. I'm the best at it - I trap them between the racket and the sliding glass door and once they've been zapped I empty off the racket out the door.

Violet said...

hi april - I've not heard of an electrocuting tennis racket. Sounds like something you could have fun with if you were that way inclined!

Anonymous said...

My sympathies. Flies are the worst. They would especially love to come in the house when I started cooking - it's enough to drive a girl to barbecue outside! I'm lucky there are not too many where I live now.