Sunday, July 20, 2014

winter white

Have you seen those personal style books which show how certain colours - or shades of colours - can affect your look, depending on your skin tone?

Well, I have. And although I can usually see the difference when I compare the before and after photos, I don't  always find it very easy to apply to myself.

I've tried draping fabrics over my chest to see whether it's "my colour" or not, and a lot of the time I can't tell.

Not so with this cream coloured cowl/scarf I blogged about recently -

When I saw the photo of the finished product in Metropolitan Knits I felt an urgent desire to possess (i.e. knit) one just like it. When I found the cream merino cashmere yarn at the Knit World sale my fate was sealed.

But when I put it on one chilly morning before work, I realised that I had fallen for that old "it looked so great on the model" trick.

Not only is my neck far too short for such a wide cowl, but the colour somehow makes my face look...unwashed. One's hand knits should not make one look fat and dirty.

Then I took it off and replaced it with my multi-coloured shawl...
...and I looked SO much prettier. And cleaner.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the colour doesn't look good against you. I have to remind myself every time I crave something cream that Asian skin tones unfortunately do not look good in natural creamy white. I found that out to my pain as well. You could try putting into into a weak dye bath to give it a very slight colour wash (oyster looks good on us). It looks like you might not have blocked the scarf? If that's right you'll find it becomes a lot softer and cushier and less bulky around your neck once it has been washed.

Violet said...

yes you're right I didn't bother blocking it because it seemed to look fine to me. What a pro you are!

I have decided that if it doesn't sell this week on trademe I will dye it (maybe raspberry red) and if it's still too bulky I will simple unravel it and reknit into something more suitable.