Sunday, November 18, 2012

TLM's first Brownie camp

When TLM had a temperature on Tuesday I was worried she'd caught the "strep" that seems to be going around her school. But we never heard back after the doctor took a tonsil swab, so it must have been a virus after all.

Two days off school did the trick though, and she made it to Brownie camp after all.

The boy and I were full of ideas on how we would spend our child-free weekend.

Then my head started to hurt and my forehead felt hot...

Still, we managed to spend Saturday doing the sorts of things we used to do pre-TLM. And that turned out to be mostly the same kinds of things we did post-TLM.  We went out to lunch, read freshly-bought magazines, went shopping, rented a DVD...

A bit of a yawn compared to, say, dinner at a flash restaurant followed by movie or theatre. It was all I could manage, but even if I were well it would not have been a bad day at all.

The boy went to retrieve TLM this afternoon, and she was full of stories about what they got up to (archery! orienteering! making stuff out of bits of paper! learning the song "Found a peanut"!)

But when I later asked her what her favourite part of the weekend was, she said it was "eating cornflakes".

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