Saturday, November 03, 2012

A denim jumper

I knitted this out of some Rowan Denim yarn which is 100% shrinkable cotton. It really really grows - to start with the hem came down to about mid-hip on me. If I don't machine wash and machine dry it soon, it will be knee length...
More details are on my Ravelry page 


Anonymous said...

The sweater looks amazing, but I'm worried about the references to how much the yarn grows. I hope you've managed to get it to shrink a bit since?

Violet said...

the growth rate is probably a bit of an exaggeration! But it is noticeably longer and wider than before I started wearing it.

I intend it throw it in a hot wash and dryer again to shrink it back down. Trouble is, when I was knitting it I ran out of the pre washed yarn and resorted to using the virgin stuff for the last couple of rounds. So there's a chance the neck hole will shrink too much!

I still like it though - the colour, the drape and the openwork (makes it a bit chilly around my shoulders tho).