Sunday, August 12, 2012

TLM turns seven

She had a more exclusive do this year, inviting only four friends from outside of school. They met us at McDonalds for an early tea of fries and lemonade (none for me thanks, only the threat of a hypoglycemic blackout would induce me to make a meal of McDs - but the staff were lovely!!).

Then the boy and I herded our gang of excitable girls and tweens to the local planetarium by way of  cable car ride. The other passengers were impressively tolerant.

We watched Dawn of the space age, which is quite good even after the third viewing. The low point for me was the bit about the first dog to go into space, who was marooned in orbit with the car window permanently closed and the hot sun forever baking. The high point was at the end when the "camera" pulls back and back and back, showing us how nano-sized we really are compared to the universe.

And then the girls rampaged around the exhibition area with their balloons and high pitched squeals, quietening only for long enough to look at lovely Saturn through the really big telescope.

Her girlfriends gave gifts of books, Star Wars lego, craft kits and role-playing games.

There was one present, however, which she did not appreciate at all.

For on the next day, the universe gave her chicken pox.


Amanda said...

Hope TLM feels better soon! Z had a blast. No sign of yet.

kiwiyarns said...

Oh dear! hope the scratching wasn't too bad. She sounds like she had a fabulous birthday thought - Belated Happy Birthday from me. x

Violet said...

She did get a bit grizzly toward the end, which is weird because if you put her to bed nice and early she is bound to be chirpy until it's bed time for me!
TLM is doing well - covered in spots everywhere you can imagine and trying hard not to scratch.

donnasoowho said...

Oh Happy Birthday TLM! Chicken pox my suck.. my sister's kids have just had them (in NZ too) and I am only thankful that they are vaccinated here in Oz, although apparently it doesn't necessarily prevent them just make them less nasty. But if it makes them less super itchy I suspect a good thing...

anyway hope she feels better soon!

Violet said...

thanks donnasoowho!