Saturday, June 16, 2012

Winter shopping

The Kathmandu chain is having yet another one of its big sales, and since we've been suffering galeforce southerlies, icy rains and 7C air temperatures (that's without the wind chill factor), the shop was extremely busy today - I'm talking queues for the changing rooms and queues at the checkout counter.

The boy wanted to buy TLM some leggings (I haven't been buying them myself, because she is always falling over and putting holes in the knees. Instead, I've been patching them). We did - TLM also ended up with a jacket to add to her impressive collection, as well as matching top and bottoms thermals and some woolly socks.

Then the boy went and bought himself a few things.

All the while, I was thinking that I've knitted various items to keep my family warm - yet they still prefer to buy factory made. I staunchly avoided buying anything for myself (until I got to the Warehouse, where they were selling merino tops $39 for two  - that's cheap for NZ) because I've been knitting steadily to increase my wardrobe of handknitted winter clothing.

Oh well. I can't expect other people to appreciate my efforts as much as I do.


kiwiyarns said...

Yeah. I know the feeling. But you know what? The moment you stop knitting for them, they'll suddenly come up with a reason why they need you to drop what you're doing for you to knit for them!

donnasoowho said...

I have to say I'm in their camp... I remember being made to wear homemade clothes (sewn and knitted) when I was a child and all I wanted was a pair of fair isle leg warmers from Dowsetts...

And home haircuts too - don't get me started on those!