Friday, May 25, 2012

I've not been idle, nor uncreative

I've been knitting a few things:
  • a cardigan for the boy, after he approved the pattern and the colour (boring dark green - the woman who sold it to me said she spins it especially for bloke's knits)
  • A berry-coloured cabled cardigan for me (if this one turns it will be only the second successful cardigan I've ever completed)
  • a pullover which I started months ago, which I become horribly pissed off with because the instructions were so hard to decipher and full of errors
The boy said recently that my knitting was not nearly as creative as some of my previous pursuits (i.e. painting, sewing, refashioning). That's probably true because when I knit I just follow instructions in a pattern, and the only creative choices I make are about what yarn and colour to use.

Does he know I blame him for my lack of sewing and refashioning? That he always made grunt-y complaining noises when I tried to use my sewing machine (probably because it was right next to him playing computer games), and felt neglected if I spent an hour sewing on my own?

I can't really blame him for my lack of painting though. I have to blame sheer busy-ness, lack of space and fear of mess that can't be removed because acrylic dry in, like, no time at all.


Amanda said...

Mike wants me to knit him an Aran jumper. I think I'd probably die of frustration in the attempt though so he is out of luck.

I have not done anything creative for a long time. So much work on it feels like just staying on top of that & keeping the house etc going is all I can manage. :(

Violet said...

well, my secret is...ignore the housework!
An Aran jumper is a bit of a commitment, but at least it would be less boring than a jumper in plain stocking stitch. I'll give you a hand if you decide to give it a go!