Friday, January 20, 2012

A winter cardie for TLM

I know it's the middle of summer here, but I reckon it will be very handy for when WE GO TO THE UK IN APRIL!! (yes that's right, the flights are booked, the insurance is bought and the UK family have been warned)

p.s. if you're a knitting nerd like me you can check out the progress on Ravelry (even if you ain't a member).


Anonymous said...

love the colour! Isn't you clever!

WS said...

It looks very pretty! Love the colour! You've gone and pricked my happy bubble... now i'm feeling like I need to knit more for Eric!

Violet said...

thanks! It's my fave colour right now so if it didn't turn out, I would have unravelled it and made something for me ;-)