Sunday, January 01, 2012

Mushroom hunting in the shadow of Ruapehu

TLM loves going on holiday. That's probably because she associates it with staying in a reasonably comfortable motel unit and going on day trips with mum and dad.
 She was probably quite disappointed when we went to Tongariro National Park for our Christmas/New Year holiday and had to share a small bunkroom in a scout camp.

There were about 50-60 other people, all of whom where friends and family of the guy whose 50th birthday we'd gone up to celebrate. There were loads of children (and even a fellow knitter).

So despite the lack of privacy and sleep, we did have a very sociable time - maybe even more than we could cope with, being a small and normally quiet little family.

 We went for walks at the foot of Mt Ruapehu, shopped for thermal underwear (for the sudden and unprepared-for drop in temperature), and used our mushroom identification guide to name the various fungi that we came across.

But sleep deprivation won out in the end, and we came home a couple of days early. Just to show how much sleep I needed to catch up on, I slept in until 10am today - unheard of!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I can understand the sleep deprivation thing. Hope you're feeling less tired now.

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks chilly!! Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

Happy New Year! I can't imagine DOTH coping well with a bunk-room. She complains when she has to share a room with *us* on holiday.

Violet said...

Kiwiyarns: yes much better now, though have started back at work :-(

donnasoowho: actually it wasn't that bd on the days those pics were taken...but prettycold compared to what you Aussies are used to!

Amanda: yes the best sleeping situation for us is when
tlm has her own room and it's not just a mezzanine.