Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I knitted it. He wore it.

There's a myth/old wives tale/cautionary tale, that if you knit your boyfriend a jumper (sweater) you will eventually break up. I think it's okay to knit for your husband though, because they're supposedly a bit more committed.
But that's not why I haven't bothered to knit much for the boy - mainly because it takes such a long time to make something that fits a man who's more than six foot tall and has a chest that makes gay tailors swoon.
Well, I did make him that Slytherin scarf. It took about the same amount of merino yarn as two me-sized jumpers. But he wore it, and stayed.

Today, I finally finished the Tribal Sweater (or, in Kiwi, the Tattoo Jumper), the one from the Knitting with balls book.

It was too short all over so I picked up the stitches at all the hems and added a couple of inches. I can do that because the hems are in stocking stitch not rib, and they curl up anyway. Apart from that, and many attempts at knitting the big octopus-thing on the front, it went pretty well. In fact, he's wearing it right now. And he's still here.

I'll post a photo at some stage, I just have to wait for a time when he's wearing it and it's not evening and we're not in a hurry to do something or go somewhere.


Antoinette said...

I have a few blog posts waiting for photos. Silly but true! Can't wait to see the sweater!

Anonymous said...

Photo photo!

Violet said...

antoinette: yeah I thought about waiting, but there's always the chance that the photo never happens!

donnasoowho: comin' right up.

Anonymous said...

I once had a conversation about that with a (now ex) boyfriend. He said that if a woman knitted him something he would think she was serious about him, which would scare him off. I guess that was a message from a scoundrel. Looking at it another way, perhaps it's a good way to find out if a boyfriend really is serious about you! It's a lot of wool to say goodbye to if they do walk though. But if you knit for a husband, I think that's ok because as you say, he's committed.