Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What a lovely time we had! Who'd have thought that a long weekend in a town known for carrot-farming would be so much fun?

The best bits:
  • stopping off at the adventure playground in Levin, a great place that ought to be a tourist destination
  • hanging out with our friends
  • walks in the fern-y rainforest at the foot of Mt Ruapehu
  • TLM being really excited before, during and after our stay
  • TLM finding a new best friend in DOTH
  • the Easter egg hunt, in which the long-legged boy took on the dual roles as "hare" and Easter bunny, TLM and DOTH kept up with him most impressively, and I impressively kept up with them
  • watching Ricky Gervais on Sesame Street singing a "N is for..." lullaby (you had to be there)
  • the gorgeous golden-leaved deciduous trees that graced the land on either side of the bridge just before Taihape (on the other side of the big gumboot)
The bits that were less good, to balance out the universe:
  • having to come home on Monday
  • the rain on Monday, which prevented us from re-visiting Levin's adventure playground
  • lunch at McDonalds (again, on Monday) - I used to wonder whether I was just being a food snob; but actually I really hate the food and feel almost ill knowing that I'm completely wasting my calorie allowance by ingesting that stuff
  • none of the outlet shops in Otaki were open when we drove by, due to it being ANZAC Day, which was really disappointing because we were in the mood for a bargain-hunting spree and I wanted to check out the Kumfs sale
Technically, TLM and I are still on holiday as I've taken this half of the school holidays off work. So I have another 4 days of blissfully work-free days!


Amanda said...

We all had a blast. DOTH had a big crying fit on Monday night because she said, she missed TLM so much and wanted to go back to Ohakune which was a bit sad but also shows what a great time she had.

Lucky still being on holiday! I was back to work today which was horrible.

Antoinette said...

Sounds fab. You know I'll have to scour youtube for that Ricky Gervais video, right?

Nigel Patel said...

I never understood holiday sales.
I mean, what does Lincoln's birthday have to do with getting a great deal on a new refrigerator?

Griya Mobil Kita said...
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Anonymous said...

But Nigel don't you like a great deal on a new refrigerator? And don't you also like knowing that every year, on Lincoln's birthday you'll be able to get one?

Violet so glad you checked out the Adventure Playground in Levin (my hometown). It rocks! I took GG there lots when we were back in March. I only wish they had it when I was growing up there. I took GG on that big slide too... but don't tell his Gran. Or his dad for that matter.

And I know what you mean about McDonalds - I totally eat at McDonalds all the time now not cause I like the food, but because I know I can get a park, sit down, get something to eat and drink and breastfeed and there will be a toilet, highchair, things for GG to look at..... And when he's asleep I can go through the drive through and don't have to end up on (whatever Paul Holmes gossip show is on these days) because I left my child in the car for 2 minutes while I went to get something in a shop!